Year two at the Little House

  • Posted on: 5 May 2016
  • By: mysterylovescompany

For those of you who have followed our journeys and adventures in France, you know we purchased une petite maison in Salignac-Eyvigues near Sarlat in the Perigord in Southwestern France in February 2015.

Since then we have stayed there five different times at various times of the year, including after Christmas. We knew we loved our Little House, but for me one of the unexpected joys has been sharing it with those who have rented it for a vacation rental through and search Salignac Eyvigues.

Some of the renters have stayed in the house before,  having rented it from the previous owners. Most were from England since flights are frequent and cheap from the UK. But our current couple is from  near our home in Maryland,  and although they had been to Europe before, they had not been to the Perigord.  So the fun for me has been in giving them dozens of recommendations about travel arrangements, restaurant choices, village markets to visit, shops to frequent, and favorite day trips to castles, orchid walks, river cruises, and prehistoric caves nearby.

The house is in the Golden Triangle where most of the castles and prehistoric caves (including Lascaux, Rouffignac, and Font-de-Gaume) are located. It is bordered by the two great rivers, The Dordogne going east and finally west to Bordeaux and the Vezere going north and south.

There is the some amazing resources on the internet, but I have been truly stunned by the videos created using drones for France 3 Aquitaine of the region around our house, narrated brilliantly by Eric Perrin. You can view some of them here.

Also here is a link to 10 great reasons to visit our region of the Dordogne, from the Huffington Post - UK version.

Finally I can't forget to thank Martin Walker and his Bruno books for introducing us to the Perigord in the first place. Here's an interview with Martin.

If you decide the time has come to see the real France, especially our little 13th century cottage, let me know at

À bientôt,