Hot books on a winter's day

  • Posted on: 8 February 2008
  • By: mysterylovescompany

It is a brilliant winter day here on the banks of the Tred Avon River in Oxford. We have had a run in Oxford, even before St. Patrick's Day, I might add, on Patrick Taylor's two wonderful books AN IRISH COUNTY DOCTOR and AN IRISH COUNTRY VILLAGE. Most think they are crosses between ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL and Jan Karon's books.

We're giving you a heads up on three big books for March:

THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING by Joshilyn Jackson is an astonishing book about ghosts in suburban Georgia and other skeletons that families try to hide. The style is extremely personal and mesmerising. On a moonlight night, Laurel, sees a ghost of her daughter's friend at the foot of her bed. She is taken by the ghost to her own backyard swimming pool and the girl's dead body. The very eclectic family rallies round to support one another in their grief. But soon the story takes on a whole new pace, as secrets, elderly family members , and an unreal town called DeLop surface. The writing goes from hysterically funny to chilling in a sentence. I was up all night finishing it. I was privileged recently to hear the author read from her work, which made the book that much more personal. Ms. Jackson is a talent to be reckoned with.

FRIEND OF THE DEVIL by Peter Robinson. Peter is my favorite author. There, I have said it. My favorite book is IN A DRY SEASON. So when another Robinson is due, I get very excited. For some reason the book's American release has been delayed until February 26, 2008. This one has two cases and two detectives Bank and Annie Cabot. I can't wait.

AN INCOMPLETE REVENGE by JacquelineWinspear. Due to a slump in business in London, Maise Dobbs, private eye, is happy to have a case in a small town in Kent. Billy Beale, her employee, and his family are helping out with the hops harvest near the town. The fortunes of the Beale family and her own personal relationships entwine. But soon she suspects a very dark secret about the town. Mysterious fires and a murder occurs and a member of the gypsy community helping with the harvest is accused. As always, Maisie's relationships with her father, her former employer and fellow employees during the Great War figure prominently in the story.

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