The Memory Puller (Hardcover)

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She stole his memory. Will he steal her heart?

Shrouded Sister Cassandra Fortin is a wannabe rebel hidden beneath midnight blue dress robes.

By day, she toils at the Temple, pulling the human memories craved by her Fae overlords. By night, she hunts through those same memories for treasures to steal, buying freedom for the mortal colonies' least fortunate families.

When her fellow Sisters begin disappearing, the officer assigned to the case is the one individual who could expose her secret criminal history.

Good thing Cassandra stole his memory when he apprehended her during her most recent philanthropic robbery.

Officer Tristan Saros has always had a soft spot for mortals and a healthy skepticism towards authority. Especially his own. Now the irreverent, flirtatious Fae warrior has finally found the perfect distraction from immortal boredom - his intriguing new partner. Too bad about her pesky chastity vow. And why does she seem so familiar?

As Tristan and Cassandra team up to find her missing Sisters, their reluctant alliance transforms into a passionate, yet forbidden attraction. And during the investigation, they uncover a conspiracy that threatens to dismantle the five-centuries-long peace between their two species.

In order to save the Sisters and keep their world from the brink of war, Tristan will need to decide if his loyalties reside with Fae or humans. And Cassandra will be forced to choose between her safe, gilded cage or an uncertain, pitiless freedom outside the Temple walls.

And if Tristan ever recalls Cassandra's crime? Well, that might just be the most dangerous outcome of all.

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ISBN: 9798987940242
Publisher: Kkh Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: April 8th, 2024
Pages: 410
Language: English