The Wandering Jew of St. Salacious (Paperback)

The Wandering Jew of St. Salacious By Ron Turker Cover Image
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What happens when you drop an agnostic Jewish surgeon in a century-old Catholic hospital, where the doctor meets dogma and falls for the CEO? A nun, for God's sake.

Dr. Martin Fischer, a white-coated Quixote, tilts his scalpel at the bloated underbelly of U.S. healthcare and fights for his patients. His only weapons are surgical skill and a pesky sense of righteous indignation that's driving everyone nuts-including Marty.

As he takes on a callous multi-billion-dollar medical corporation, a mercenary surgical group, and the thoroughly corrupt CFO of St. Salacious, an unplanned pregnancy threatens to excommunicate the entire hospital. Can they really do that? It's either stress or God who intervenes. Did Jesus just wink at him from the cross?

Turker, a former comic and surgeon, takes us on the quirky hero's journey through the halls of U.S. medicine and draws back the curtain on the fickle and conflicted core of modern healthcare. The Wandering Jew of St. Salacious delivers a humorous blow against the profiteering of Big Medicine, while fanning a spark of hope for a healthier future.

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ISBN: 9798987572900
Publisher: 6dog Press
Publication Date: March 29th, 2023
Pages: 282
Language: English