imPerfect Fae: A Darkly Funny Supernatural Suspense Mystery (Paperback)

imPerfect Fae: A Darkly Funny Supernatural Suspense Mystery By C. N. Rowan Cover Image
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Body-jacking a legendary assassin when I'm running on empty. No problem, right?

After the last few misadventures, I'm not so much broken as ruined, a shell of my former self. But I can't stop. The trail of those who betrayed me is getting cold, and if I'm going to get any answers, I need to follow it, and now.

Except it leads to Faerie. And the way is barred to all but the Fae.

So I'm forced to go toe-to-toe with a mercenary assassin whose name has been spoken in terrified whispers throughout the ages. One who got the drop on me the only time our paths crossed.

The Jack of Plate. Half-Marred Jack himself. A man who may be more than a monster.

Survival isn't just unsure. It's highly unlikely.

imPerfect Fae is the third book in The imPerfect Cathar series, a darkly funny supernatural suspense mystery following a trio of immortal heretics in the south of France. Contains strong language and violence.

Product Details
ISBN: 9782494838024
ISBN-10: 2494838029
Publisher: Main Rock Publishing
Publication Date: July 6th, 2023
Pages: 318
Language: English