Sherlock Holmes & Elizabeth Bennet Mysteries (Paperback)

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The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his associate Elizabeth Bennet continue... The Apparition at Rosing's Park Newly-married Charlotte Lucas, now Mrs. Collins, has invited Lizzie to stay with her for a short while. At the same time, Lady Catherine de Bourgh is facing a mysterious problem that requires the utmost discretion. And who better to employ than Mr. Holmes? Between the haughty Lady Catherine, the difficult Mr. Collins, and the socially tone-deaf Mr. Holmes, Elizabeth is going to have her hands full. And then there's the rather proud and aloof gentleman who is Lady Catherine's nephew. His arrogance and selfish disdain for the feelings of others immediately build in Lizzie an immovable dislike. Too bad that he's also Mr. Bingley's best friend and the man that Mr. Holmes once helped: Mr. Darcy. The Shadow of Moriarty Elizabeth's mother has made it clear that she does not approve of her daughter's escapades with Mr. Holmes. With her parents coming to stay in London, Elizabeth's work might become more difficult. And then there is Mr. Holmes himself, who is realizing that the danger he and his enemies pose to Miss Elizabeth might be more than he's willing to let her handle. With Mr. Holmes and Elizabeth on opposite sides of the argument, distraction comes in the form of the lovely young Miss Georgiana. A prize necklace of hers, given to her by her beloved elder brother, has gone missing and she wishes for it to be found. Since Mr. Holmes has more distracting matters to consider, Elizabeth takes the case, having found a connection with the bright young girl. And through it all, there is the matter of Dr. Barnabus's mysterious employer - an enigma going by the name of Moriarty. What does he want with Mr. Holmes? What are his intentions? And can Mr. Holmes and Elizabeth untangle this web before it ensnares them both? The Adventure of the King's Portrait As Holmes struggles to learn more about this mysterious Moriarty, Elizabeth worries that the man might not really exist at all, and that even if he does, he will only drive her friend into obsession and endless frustration. But help could come from unexpected sources, including possibly their latest client, the King of Bohemia. With a few possible scandals already hidden away, the king needs the assistance of Holmes and Bennet to deal with one last possible scandal before his impending political marriage. He once carried on a dalliance with a famous opera singer known as Irene Adler and now needs the help of the detectives to retrieve an incriminating photo from her. Holmes is happy to take the case, both because it intrigues him and because the king can give him information on Moriarty. But Elizabeth is less sure-this Adler seems cleverer than Holmes is preparing for. Could it be that Holmes is about to meet his intellectual match and, for the first time, find himself on the losing end of the case? BONUS CONTENT: - 2 Mindfulness coloring pages - Elizabeth Bennet - A Journey through Pride and Prejudice - Sherlock Holmes - A Genius Fictional Detective VISIT WWW.CYANIDEPUBLISHING.COM AND DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE CRIME / MYSTERY STARTER LIBRARY.
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ISBN: 9781980609292
ISBN-10: 1980609292
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 20th, 2018
Pages: 274
Language: English