The Aztec Empire: An Enthralling Overview of the History of the Aztecs, Starting with the Settlement in the Valley of Mexico (Hardcover)

The Aztec Empire: An Enthralling Overview of the History of the Aztecs, Starting with the Settlement in the Valley of Mexico By Enthralling History Cover Image
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If you are curious about how the extraordinary Aztecs lived and ran their empire, then keep reading

The remarkable Aztecs formed a vast, organized empire renown for military prowess, expansive trade, intriguing culture, and ingenious agriculture - all from an island in a swamp. But where was their mysterious homeland of Aztlan? How did they ascend to dominance in the Valley of Mexico?

Explore the mesmerizing origins of the Aztecs, discover how a wandering desert tribe came to rule much of present-day Mexico, and investigate the spectacular - albeit somewhat depraved - culture that set their civilization apart.

This easy-to-read, comprehensive, and engaging history of the Aztec Empire will unlock the little-known and awe-inspiring stories and culture of a legendary people. This well-researched and authoritative presentation, accompanied by striking illustrations, brings the Aztec civilization to life.

Here are some of the fascinating questions you will explore:

  • What secrets have recent archaeological finds uncovered about the Aztecs and other Mesoamerican cultures?
  • How did the startling cultures that existed before the Aztecs influence them? What made these pre-existing cultures famous?
  • What prophesies propelled the Mexica into their empire-building destiny and formed their self-identity?
  • Why did the Mexica build their astonishing city on an island in the middle of a lake? How did it grow into one of the largest cities in the world at that time?
  • Was their mysterious homeland of Aztlan a real place? If so, where was it?
  • What's this story about an eagle on a cactus eating a rattlesnake?
  • How did the Mexica turn the tables to rule over the tribes that once dominated them?
  • What intrigue led to the coalition armies and the Triple Alliance?
  • How did the Aztecs form their extensive network of power and organize their far-flung city-states?
  • What were their mythology and religion like? Did they actually practice human sacrifice?
  • How did they use their stunning sculptures and brilliant artwork as a type of propaganda?
  • Were they really one of the first civilizations to require education for all classes and both boys and girls?
  • What did they eat? Was it anything like present-day Mexican food?
  • How did the common people live? What did they do for fun?
  • What did the Aztecs do when the Spaniards landed in their territory?
  • How did conquistador Hern n Cort's cunningly form alliances with the Aztecs' enemies?
  • And much, much more

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