Absolute Away (Paperback)

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With Lance Olsen's signature flair, Absolute Away is an innovative narrative triptych, a story of one life reimagined.

The first movement tells the story of Edie Metzger, a little Jewish girl who bit Hermann G ring's lip so hard it bled at a Nazi book-burning rally in 1933. In the second, in 1956, grown Edie is the passenger clinging to the backseat of the Oldsmobile 88 convertible driven by Jackson Pollock, moments before it plunges off the road. In the third, the narrative embarks into an ever-unspooling universe of Edies that might have lived--Edie's gender, past, and consciousness flying forever farther apart.

Absolute Away is a novel about travel in its largest sense--about the self, the past, the future, aging, ideas, relationships, our own mortal being(s) as transitive verbs, and how what and who we are connects to everything else.
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ISBN: 9781950539956
ISBN-10: 1950539954
Publisher: Dzanc Books
Publication Date: April 16th, 2024
Pages: 212
Language: English