Circle It, 1970s Educational Shows, Word Search, Puzzle Book (Large Print / Paperback)

Circle It, 1970s Educational Shows, Word Search, Puzzle Book By Lowry Global Media LLC, Joe Aguilar, Mark Schumacher Cover Image
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BookSideHustle was created with the intention of empowering budding entreprenuers with their own Circle It, Word Search Puzzle books that are created from their own ideas.
This book was created for Joe; he is a super positive well centered guy who used to drive an 18 wheeler. During the day Joe sells used cars at a Ford dealership. Like many people, he slugs it out every week so that he can do the best he can for himself. Joe is into eating clean and loving his dogs.
For each book sold, with Joe's name on it, he makes some great BookSideHustle money to help make ends meet.
Joe, ever since he was a little boy, has liked big trucks. He also has a great nostalgia for the 1970s TV Sitcoms that he grew up on; see his series of 5 books about 1970's TV Sitcoms (they are great, you should get one).


Sesame Street - 2
History - 4
Format - 8
Educational Goals - 12
Cast, Crew and Characters - 16
Captain Kangaroo - 20
Cast - 22
Format - 24
Cartoons - 26
"Good morning Captain " - 28
Regular Features - 30
Theme Song - 34
Schedule History - 38
Schwinn Marketing - 42
The Electric Company - 44
Performers - 44
Selected Sketches - 48
Selected Recurring Characters - 56
Short Circus - 60
Cameo Guest Appearances - 62
Music - 64
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - 70
History - 72
Format - 76
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - 84
Neighborhood of Make-Believe - 90
Zoom - 94
Romper Room - 98
Episode Format - 100
Localized Versions - 102

"Circle It" word search books read like a book and are full of interesting facts, the bold words within the text can be found in the word search puzzle on the opposite page.

UPGRADE your word search and be the one everyone wants to talk with; your friends will wonder, how did you get so smart?

Everyone will really enjoy your conversation when you say, "The other day I was reading and did you know that...."

Typical word searches are just dull lists of words, "Circle It" word search books read like a book and are full of interesting facts.

Each "Circle It" word search book has an interesting subject, like:
* Muscle Car Facts
* Quilting Facts
* Lake Fish Facts
* Dog Facts
* Cat Facts
* Hockey Facts
* ...many many more (200+ titles)

Lowry Global Media, Circle It Word Search Books are all available from your favorite online bookseller.
Just search for "Lowry Global Media" to see all of our word search titles.

Looking for a gift? Our books are great for anyone ages 12 to 99.

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ISBN: 9781945512797
ISBN-10: 1945512792
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Lowry Global Media LLC
Publication Date: April 20th, 2020
Pages: 160
Language: English