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 , In 1936, the Duke of York unexpectedly became King George VI, and his ten-year-old daughter, Princess Elizabeth, became heir presumptive. However, she was never heir apparent, because a male sibling would automatically assume her place in the line of succession. So what would have happened upon the late arrival of a baby brother for the grown-up Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret? After King George VI’s death in 1952, the United Kingdom’s next sovereign would have been a very young boy, and one in need of a regent.

James the Third tells that boy’s story. How does his reign unfold? He is clever, resourceful and unconventional − but can he alter the course of history, given the limited role of a constitutional monarch? Does he find true love, or must he accept second best? And, with the births of his heirs, what does the House of Windsor look like now? Set against rapidly changing times, there is a parallel tale of two working class sisters from the East End of London. As fans of the royal family, they are closer to the crown than they could ever imagine.

Seamlessly blending the twists and turns of fiction with historical fact, this book is sure to please anyone who enjoys a glimpse of life behind palace walls.,

About the Author

 , Maggie Ballinger was born in Crewe, brought up in South London and now lives in Sheffield. She studied European History at the University of East Anglia and later obtained an MA in International History from Birkbeck College, London. Since retiring as a hospital manager, much of her time has been spent writing an eclectic range of material. She is the author of Britannia’s Glory – A Maritime Story (Uniform, 2019) and the illustrated children’s book Baa Baa Pink Sheep.,

Praise For…


“This book was fascinating. It presents a timeline of life as we know it, with one exception. We have a king. Author Maggie Ballinger looks at the ‘what if’ scenario had a younger son been born… this is a great story and provides a unique perspective of British history.” − Paradise is a Library

“Well written, detailed, and highly enjoyable.”  − Stacey Hammond

“You can tell the author has put al lot of research into this well written book. I loved every page and the writing style was amazing easy to understand.”  Rhianydd Morris

“The author knows her stuff and I have to say I have learnt so much reading this book. The historical, legal and political information is woven beautifully into the story” − Series Book Lover

“What an absolutely fascinating story mixing fiction with fact… Well researched and great book.” − Lynda’s Book Reviews

“A perfect mix of royal fact and royal fiction to make this a surprising yet familiar read. Everything you know to be true remains similar, like a nice snug comfort blanket. Yet James' arrival really stirs things up in the royal household... A must read for fans of the royals, or if not − why not try an alternative Royal version? I dare you.” − Bobs and Books

“Ballinger is meticulous with her history and the story is told with excellent attention to detail as we watch James grow and Princess Elizabeth slip into a different role”  Smeets X

“The book is well researched with an extensive appendix at the back which includes a wealth of historical context and Royal observation.”  Pondering the Pages

“perfect for fans of historical fiction and the history of the royal family.”  Books and Moomins

“It blends facts with a little fantasy so well it is hard to see the join, and it is easy to view a royal story with one addition….This is an enthralling and entertaining book which I greatly enjoyed, and I was very pleased to have the opportunity to read and review it.” – Northern Reader

“This was right up my street. I love The Crown, and this story captured my imagination very easily. The research was clear to see; the laws around the monarchy all laid out to make this an interesting and lovely read. A really enjoyable read that is not only a twist on history but a surprising mystery, too. All in all, an entertaining and very interesting story from Maggie Ballinger.” – Beyond the Books

“This novel takes you on an enjoyable journey through the twentieth century and blends together actual events, historical figures and some deliciously invented fictitious characters. …This was a truly enjoyable read which contained a surprising mystery, alongside a wealth of historical information. In short: An entertaining piece of historical fiction.” − Books Life and Everything

“It’s so cleverly written it’s as if the author had a crystal ball to look at an alternative future. This is so brilliantly researched that this doesn’t seem all that unfathomable and the Royals on high become well, human. With quirks, flaws and an incredible amount of warmth and compassion. Perfect for historical fiction fans.” – Chapman’s Chapters And Pages

“This book simply fascinated me! The melding of Royal history and speculative fiction was inspired. The way that members of the Royal family, who we are all familiar with, interacted felt genuine. I could almost visualise this young monarch being guided by Princess Elizabeth.” – John’s Bookshelf

“This is such a good book. I really enjoyed it. It is such a great reimagining of the British Monarchy. … The fiction is fantastically woven with threads of fact which makes the book feel very real but also quite a comforting read.” – Atomic Books

“Character voice in this book was fantastic. I could really hear the voices of everyone speaking in my head as I read it. I felt like a fly on the wall during some intimate and private conversations between members of the Royal family. I loved it! A real up close and personal account.” – Books on a Hill

“This was right up my street, I love it when an author absolutely smashes historical fiction with a twist of what if... I absolutely thought the characters were fantastic and they had personality traits that all stood out and were extremely individual to that character. This author is exceptionally talented at switching the style to suit when needed.” – Twilight Reader

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