Opossum Opposites (Hardcover)

Opossum Opposites By Gina E. Gallois, Aleksandra Bobrek (Illustrator) Cover Image
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Ever felt misunderstood? We've all been in that uncomfortable spot where we thought, "If only they knew the real me, things would be different.

"Opossums deserve an extreme reputation makeover. They've been called dumpster divers, disease-ridden trash cats and worse

They've been underappreciated and misunderstood long enough. These lovable, gentle creatures are simply shy, introverted spirits who avoid the spotlight, but as cleaner-uppers, they are essential to our ecosystem.

Opossum Opposites playfully progresses through the life cycle of one of nature's unsung heroes and teaches readers of all ages about why we should respect and protect them. Readers gain a greater understanding of opossums' importance in the larger ecosystem we all call home.

Each page spread contains a short rhyming poem addressing an opposing pair such as day & night or scary & afraid. Additional information for factoid lovers is clearly separated from the poems for easy selection of age appropriate passages.

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ISBN: 9781734542462
ISBN-10: 1734542462
Publisher: Moonflower Press LLC
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2020
Pages: 40
Language: English