The Surprising African Jesus (Paperback)

The Surprising African Jesus By Afua Kuma, Jon P. Kirby (Editor), Joseph Kwakye (Editor) Cover Image
By Afua Kuma, Jon P. Kirby (Editor), Joseph Kwakye (Editor)
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Afua Kuma's Jesus will surprise, even astound, you. This illiterate Ghanaian woman felt something was missing when she prayed. She dreamed of an angel who opened her mouth to praise the Lord from her heart, and she awoke to find herself praying in ways that no one had ever heard before. When she prayed over people in hospitals, the doctors, nurses, and visitors left their patients to be charmed by her praises. Afua leads us to see God's glory in the rivers, seas, forests, farms, villages, and even the chief's royal court. Her Jesus is the hearth preparing our food and the hunter who brings home hunks of hippo. His farm is between the sun and the moon. He is the chief's golden regalia, his musketeers, drummers, and horn-blowers. His arm is a cannon that blasts the soul-eating bomote and roasts the devil on a charcoal grill. He has anointed his priests to lift us out of the mud. Now thousands in cities, villages, and student campuses are enthralled by her praises. Why? It is as simple as life itself. For her, everything glorifies Jesus. Little Afua invites us to feel the glory that is all around us.

About the Author

Afua Kuma (1906-87) was a rural Ghanaian woman whose amazing prayers and praises confirm her as a prophetess, healer, and oral theologian. Jon P. Kirby, SVD, is a missionary-anthropologist who knew Afua Kuma and put her praises into a poetic English form that captures the beauty of the original Twi. He worked in Ghana for thirty-six years and later taught at Washington Theological Union. Joseph Kwakye is a retired Ghanaian schoolteacher who lived in Afua Kuma's village in the 1970s and consulted with her when doing the transcription and translation for Ghanaian readers of the first collection of her praises. Now, he has transcribed this second collection from newly discovered recordings.
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