The Sugar Rush: A Memoir of Wild Dreams, Budding Bromance, and Making Maple Syrup (Hardcover)

The Sugar Rush: A Memoir of Wild Dreams, Budding Bromance, and Making Maple Syrup By Peter Gregg Cover Image
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Filled with humor and madcap adventure, The Sugar Rush is the story of two friends with a sweet, golden, syrupy dream, set against the rugged New England wilderness.

When a global-warming-induced early thaw catches Peter Gregg and Greg Smith off guard, the best friend fifty-somethings scramble to get their thousand-tree farm ready for tapping. As they race up and down the icy mountain, drilling taps into their red and sugar maples and securing the blue plastic tubing to transport the sap back to their sugarhouse, they make a blood pact to pursue the mythical “five pounder” goal—the lofty syrup production amount that would put them in league with the pros in Vermont.

For the next three months, from February to early April, they battle rugged terrains, handle dangerous equipment and outrun predatory wildlife in an Ahab-like pursuit that consumes their energy, time, and the contents of their wallets—all to make that sweet golden condiment for pancakes and waffles. Out of their struggle (that is a mystery to many), they produce something even more valuable: friendship, a lifeline to a community, and a sense of purpose that remains long after the sugar season is over.

Told with humor, gusto, and the salty vernacular common to the hinterlands of upstate New York and Vermont, The Sugar Rush captures the particular angst of reaching middle age with wit and insight and speaks to our desire to set the bar high... and then having to solve the enormous problems that come with it. The Sugar Rush is a hilarious yet moving account of the crazy things men will do to truly understand what is meant by the "pursuit of happiness."

About the Author

Peter Gregg runs a 1,000-tap sugaring operation along rutty and steep Blossom Road in the shadow of Rupert Mountain, Vermont. He is also the longtime publisher of The Maple News, the largest trade magazine for the maple-syrup industry in the United States and Canada. Each month, the magazine features his popular column, "Amateur Sugar Maker," a humorous chronicle of his pursuits.
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ISBN: 9781639366811
ISBN-10: 1639366814
Publisher: Pegasus Books
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2024
Pages: 336
Language: English