More Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids: 50 New Brain Games for Ages 4 & Up (Paperback)

More Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids: 50 New Brain Games for Ages 4 & Up By Lisa C. Davis, MEd Cover Image
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Even more puzzles to challenge kids ages 4 to 6

What's better than one book of amazingly fun puzzles? Two of them! This follow-up to Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids is packed with even more (and even tougher) challenges designed to help kids practice essential pre-K and kindergarten skills. Whether it's through identifying opposites, connecting mirror images, or matching animals, this book shows kids how entertaining learning can be!

This collection of logic puzzles for kids features:
  • More brainpower building—Kids will practice sequencing, comparisons, abstract thinking, critical thinking, and more.
  • More engaging artwork—Cute and colorful illustrations will keep kids interested and eager as they progress from puzzle to puzzle.
  • More treasured memories—Parent prompts help you create teachable moments so that you can take an active part in nurturing your little one's mind.

Get your young learner ready for pre-K and beyond with this expanded logic puzzle book.

About the Author

LISA DAVIS, M.Ed., is a part-time Gifted Education Consultant who helps teachers, presents at gifted conferences, and shares gifted topics at She also shares enrichment resources for busy teachers through Enrichment with Class at

Praise For…

"Busy parents and teachers are always on the lookout for valuable yet time-saving resources to maximize critical thinking skills for children. Not only are the puzzles in this book enjoyable, engaging, and challenging for young children, but the author, Lisa Davis, uses her expertise to take learning one step further by including parent (or teacher) prompts that escalate children's critical thinking skills to an even higher level. What a find for enhancing the learning of clever kids!" —Kathy Anderson, teacher, curriculum and special programs director, educational consultant, and gifted ed specialist

"The kindergarten classroom was my professional world for 32 years, and I eat this kind of stuff up! Young children love to think and figure things out. My five-year-old granddaughter had this to say after working her way through More Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids: 'This is so fun! It makes my brain think hard.' She is, after all, a clever kid. High fives and proud smiles followed! The Parent Prompts extended our thinking time together and left the door open for even more learning for another day. More Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids sets the groundwork for seeing daily life as a puzzle to solve. Thinking is everywhere!" —Sallie West, educator, grandmother, thinker

"Want to challenge your kiddo? More Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids is the ticket. This book is chock-full of brain games and puzzles for young minds. All the skills presented are necessary for reading and math readiness. All the activities include a follow-up activity (Parent Prompts), so parents can engage with their child." —Rachel Hurley, retired preschool-8th grade teacher

"Lisa Davis has vast experience enticing and engaging children's love of learning as seen throughout her work in More Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids! Her outstanding book is candy to the child's eye as well as being organized to share high-level thinking skills in a playful way for our younger students. I love how she provides the parent tips throughout the pages and helps the adults by including answers! In this book, children are developing their fine motor skills in contrast to just swiping at their devices. A must-have book for all to enjoy together!" —Marilyn Mitchell, M.Ed., gifted and talented coordinator and STEM Academy educator

"This is not another workbook! This is a guided parent/child activity book that teaches children about logic and gives parents insight into their child's thinking. The Parent Prompts on each page are valuable tools to help parents go deeper with their child's thinking. The organization of this book helps adults understand the different ways logic is expressed. I am looking forward to sharing this with my grandchildren." —Cheryl Rich, M.Ed., former teacher of gifted students
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ISBN: 9781638071303
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Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: October 19th, 2021
Pages: 84
Language: English