Climate Resilience: How We Keep Each Other Safe, Care for Our Communities, and Fight Back Against Climate Change (Paperback)

Climate Resilience: How We Keep Each Other Safe, Care for Our Communities, and Fight Back Against Climate Change By Kylie Flanagan Cover Image
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An intersectional primer for saving the planet: place-based perspectives and community-led tools for fighting climate change—for readers of The Intersectional Environmentalist and All We Can Save

"An essential, inspired chorus of voices echoing the urgency of action in the fight against climate change." —Kirkus Reviews

In Climate Resilience, climate justice and resilience strategist Kylie Flanagan invites us to see and act beyond status-quo solutions, Big Tech promises...and everything we’re usually told about how to save the planet.

Centering the voices of Native Rights activists, queer liberation ecologists, youth climate-justice organizers, Latinx wilderness activists, and others on the front lines, Climate Resilience urges us toward a vision of climate care that invests in place-based, community-led projects focused on:

  • Relationship Repair
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Economic Regeneration
  • Collective Care
  • Community Adaptation
  • Cultural Strategy
  • People Power

Each section offers practical blueprints for engaging with different aspects of climate-change action through mutual aid, seed-saving, community-owned energy, community safety plans, and more, and includes a range of ideas for readers to apply these strategies in their own communities.

About the Author

Kylie Flanagan is a climate communicator and the Executive Director of a small, climate justice-focused foundation. Originally from Miwok lands in the California Bay Area, she currently resides on Munsee Lenape lands in New York City. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth College and received a Master’s in Sustainability Solutions from Presidio Graduate School. She has dabbled in goat midwifery, cheesemaking, tiny house architecture and construction, supper club hosting, edible landscaping, and sustainable business consulting, always driven by a desire to make the world more delicious, beautiful, joyous, and just. Climate Resilience is her first book.

Praise For…

"An essential, inspired chorus of voices echoing the urgency of action in the fight against climate change." 
—Kirkus Reviews

Climate Resilience is a crucial book that is much needed today as it starts shifting the focus to center frontline communities and leaders addressing climate change and fighting for climate justice.”
—Jessica Hernandez, author of Fresh Banana Leaves

“This collection of essays is a profound gift to a world that is deeply in need of healing and restoration. These wise voices tell us important truths about the past, describing with unflinching honesty how the intertwined forces of settler colonialism, white supremacy, and capitalism have gotten us where we are today. Yet they also point to possibilities of a future that could be different—a future where we remember that our own well-being is intimately connected to the well-being of all other living creatures, and act from this remembrance. Readers will be inspired by the stories of the people already planting the seeds of this future in brave, creative, generative ways. Climate Resilience is also profoundly practical, with clear, actionable ideas and reflection prompts following the essays. This is a book that will help you find your place in a movement towards a world of just interdependence, deep connection, radical generosity, and climate resilience for all.”
—Elizabeth Bechard, senior policy analyst for Moms Clean Air Force and author of Parenting in a Changing Climate

Climate Resilience brought me to tears of recognition, relief, solidarity, and hope. It’s the book we need to survive this human moment together.”
—Lily Diamond, author of Kale & Caramel and coauthor of What’s Your Story? with Rebecca Walker

“If you’re interested in understanding how we might really tackle the problem of climate change, a problem that doesn’t exist in a vacuum but one that is wrapped up in our social and political relationships, put down whatever you are reading and pick up this book. Kylie Flanagan has masterfully woven together conversations rooted in deep wisdom, love, and care, conversations which invite us to rethink the very nature of the problems we are facing and help us to envision a beautiful, more inclusive, more bountiful future. This book is a refreshing, much-needed addition to the overly technocratic, market-based, depoliticized literature on the climate crisis, as it recenters the problem as well as the source of potential solutions, anchoring them in the community-based expertise that is too often overlooked. The voices Kylie has channeled in this book give me hope that a better future is possible, and the path to that future is a beautiful one.”
—Khalid Kadir, PhD, winner of the 2020 Constellation Prize for Engineering Education and lecturer in civil and environmental engineering at UC Berkeley

“There’s no techno-fix for a cultural and spiritual crisis. The climate emergency needs solutions that bring liberation and restoration—and those sorts of solutions can only come from the margins. In Climate Resilience, Kylie Flanagan looks to the grassroots for climate leadership that is rooted in land, community and care. This is a book to inspire and educate, and also a book that invites our participation, with practical advice for applying solutions in our own contexts. If you enjoyed the fierce joy of All We Can Save and were wondering if there’s more where that came from, read this next!”
—Jeremy Williams, author of Climate Change Is Racist
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