Memento Mori: A Crime Novel of the Roman Empire (The Medicus Series) (Hardcover)

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The eighth gripping novel in the bestselling Medicus series, in which Ruso and Tilla investigate the death of the wife of Ruso's friend in the sacred hot spring of Aquae Sulis.

A scandal is threatening to engulf the popular spa town of Aquae Sulis (modern-day Bath). The wife of Ruso's best friend, Valens, has been found dead in the sacred hot spring, stabbed through the heart. Fearing the wrath of the goddess and the ruin of the tourist trade, the temple officials are keen to cover up what's happened. But the dead woman's father is demanding justice, and he's accusing Valens of murder.

If Valens turns up to face trial, he will risk execution. If he doesn't, he'll lose his children.

Ruso and Tilla do their best to help but it's difficult to get anyone--even Valens himself--to reveal what really happened. Could Ruso's friend really be guilty as charged?

About the Author

In 2004, Ruth Downie won the Fay Weldon section of BBC3’s End of Story competition; Medicus is her first novel. She is married with two sons and lives in Milton Keynes, England.

Praise For…

"As usual, Downie can be relied on for crisp, balanced prose and a sharp eye for historic detail. The inclusion of a map, period quotations, and a cast of characters not only aids armchair detectives, but enhances authenticity." - Kirkus Reviews

"Downie is masterful at depicting life in ancient Rome, and the setting of Aquae Sulis (still open to tourists) is a crime-scene coup." - Booklist

"Characters are charming even when they are disagreeable and entertaining as they charge into dangerous situations. As a Roman citizen married to a Briton ex-slave, Ruso navigates the political and cultural waters in a way that adds an intriguing dimension to the plot . . . Highly recommended for series fans and readers of Lindsey Davis’s Roman mysteries, but it also serves as a worthy stand-alone." - Library Journal

"Wonderfully done. [The novel] is full of charming and delightful characters... and of incident leavened with the right amount of humor... Historical fiction enlivened by a well-crafted puzzle... Engaging." - The Washington Independent Review of Books

"Wonderful . . . It has all the twists and turns we would expect from a top-notch murder mystery, all while nestled deep into the world at the fringes of Imperial Rome. Though not needed to enjoy this novel, I’d recommend reading the first books--they’re worth it" - Historical Novel Society

"Downie writes with her usual humor and depth . . . Perfect for fans of the Falco novels by Lindsey Davis, this entertaining New York Times best-selling series and its endearing characters deserve as long a run." - Booklist, on VITA BREVIS

"The seventh adventure for Downie's physician hero (Tabula Rasa, 2014, etc.) masterfully draws out its suspense, painting a vivid portrait of ancient Rome that feels persuasive and authentic." - Kirkus Reviews, on VITA BREVIS

"Downie’s plotting is as engaging as ever, as she weaves the threads of a murder mystery into the very character-driven story of Ruso and Tilla. While marital strife under the pressures of a new home and a new baby in the household could have proven tedious, these two characters and their relationship are so charmingly portrayed that every domestic scene seems of a piece. The tension between Tilla’s rebellious nature and the ideal of a ‘Good Roman Wife,’ and the tension between Ruso’s outer gruffness and inner integrity make this Medicus installment much more than a mystery novel." - Historical Novel Society, on VITA BREVIS

"Crammed with pithy characterisation (notably the intuitive Ruso), mordant humour and beautifully integrated historical detail." - Financial Times, on VITA BREVIS

"A Ruth Downie novel offers many pleasures, not least of them the humorously conflicted marriage between Roman citizen Ruso and the Briton Tilla . . . but where Vita Brevis really scores is in its contemporary resonances with Ruso and Tilla’s immigrant experience . . . Meticulously researched, the Ruso novels are historical mysteries to rank alongside those of Lindsey Davis." - Irish Times, on VITA BREVIS

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ISBN: 9781620409619
ISBN-10: 1620409615
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication Date: March 6th, 2018
Pages: 432
Language: English
Series: The Medicus Series