The Old English Herbals (Paperback)

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The Old English Herbals, originally published in 1922, is a book about, in the author's words, "that fascinating and somewhat neglected branch of garden literature--the old English Herbals." At the time it was written, herb gardens were scarce; though the author's influence and books contributed to the growth we see in both herb and vegetable gardening today. Still of relevance and interest to modern gardeners, the book includes descriptions of Anglo-Saxon herbals, early printed herbals, herbals from "the New World," the history of the last great English herbalist John Parkinson, and late-seventeenth century herbals. ELEANOUR SINCLAIR ROHDE (1881-1950) was a British horticulture writer, gardener, and historian. She collected herbs and vegetables, and worked as an early version of a landscape designer. Her garden designs and books were responsible for increasing the popularity of herb gardens. Her most well-known design was of the herb garden for Lullingstone Castle in Kent. Her works include The Scented Garden, A Garden of Herbs, and The Wartime Vegetable Garden.
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