Poems to Dream Together: Poemas Para Soñar Juntos (Paperback)

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Jane Addams Children's Book Award, Jane Addams Peace Association
Notable Children's Book, American Library Association (ALA)
Youth List, Collaborative Summer Library Program

A bilingual collection of poetry by acclaimed Chicano poet Francisco X. Alarc n celebrating family, community, nature, and the positive power of dreams to shape our future.

A young boy dreams that all humans / and all living / beings / come together / as one big family / of the Earth. So begins this delightful bilingual collection of poems by Francisco X. Alarc n. As we travel through the boy's colorful universe, we learn about his family and community working together and caring for each other and the world in which they live. Neighbors help repair adobe homes. The boy and his family share old photographs, tend their garden, and pamper Mam who works day and night. Tribute is paid to those who toil in the fields, and to C sar Ch vez. Most of all, we see how dreams can take many forms, from the fantastic imaginary ones that occur while we sleep to the realistic ones that guide our lives and give us inspiration for the endless possibilities of the future.

Partly based on Alarc n's own dreams and family memories of growing up in Mexico and California, and vibrantly illustrated by Paula Barrag n, these joyous, universal poems will inspire all readers to dream their own dreams for a better, compassionate, and loving world.

Close your eyes / and now get ready / to hop on a dream.

Praise For…

"In an inspiring bilingual collection of short poems, Alarcon shares his dreams of peace, community building, and a bright future for children of all cultures. . . . The book delivers a strong message with a very gentle touch, a rare quality that will appeal to children as well as adults.”


"With simple elegance, the verses read aloud beautifully and the poetic images are at once accessible and inspiring. The boldly colored, mixed-media artwork serves as a perfect complement. The art is varied and engaging. . . . A dreamy choice for schools and libraries." —School Library Journal
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ISBN: 9781600606571
ISBN-10: 1600606571
Publisher: Lee & Low Books
Publication Date: June 1st, 2005
Pages: 32
Language: Spanish