A Child's Garden of Verses (Paperback)

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A Child's Garden of Verses

Robert Louis Stevenson

A Child's Garden of Verses is a collection of poetry for children by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. The collection first appeared in 1885 under the title Penny Whistles, but has been reprinted many times, often in illustrated versions. It contains about 65 poems including the cherished classics "Foreign Children," "The Lamplighter," "The Land of Counterpane," "Bed in Summer," "My Shadow" and "The Swing."

Sample Table of Contents

To Alison Cunningham From Her Boy

A Child's Garden of Verses

1. Bed in Summer

2. A Thought

3. At the Sea-Side

4. Young Night-Thought

5. Whole Duty of Children

6. Rain

7. Pirate Story

8. Foreign Lands

9. Windy Nights

10. Travel

11. Singing

12. Looking Forward

13. A Good Play

14. Where Go the Boats?

15. Auntie's Skirts

16. The Land of Counterpane

17. The Land of Nod

18. My Shadow

19. System

20. A Good Boy

21. Escape at Bedtime

22. Marching Song

23. The Cow

24. Happy Thought

25. The Wind

26. Keepsake Mill

27. Good and Bad Children

28. Foreign Children

29. The Sun Travels

30. The Lamplighter

31. My Bed is a Boat

32. The Moon

33. The Swing

34. Time to Rise

35. Looking-Glass River

36. Fairy Bread

37. From a Railway Carriage

38. Winter-Time

39. The Hayloft

40. Farewell to the Farm

41. North-West Passage


The Child Alone

Garden Days


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