Elegant People: A History of the Band Weather Report (Hardcover)

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Elegant People is the definitive history of Weather Report, the premier fusion band of the 1970s and beyond. Founded in late 1970 by three stars of the jazz world--keyboardist Joe Zawinul, saxophonist Wayne Shorter, and bassist Miroslav Vitous--Weather Report went on to become the most unique and enduring jazz band of its era, with a style of music wholly its own. Now, on the fiftieth anniversary of Weather Report's first album release, comes Elegant People: A History of the Band Weather Report, the first book to tell the band's story in detail. Based on years of research and dozens of interviews with musicians, engineers, managers, and support personnel, Elegant People is written from an insider's perspective, describing Weather Report's transformation from a freewheeling, avant-garde jazz band whose ethos was "We always solo and we never solo" to a grooving juggernaut that combined elements of jazz, funk, Latin, and rhythm and blues. Fueled by Zawinul's hit tune "Birdland" and the charismatic stage presence of legendary electric bass player Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report took on the aura of rock stars. By the time Zawinul and Shorter mutually agreed to part ways in 1986, Weather Report had produced sixteen albums, a body of work that ranks among the most significant in jazz and continues to resonate with musicians and fans today.

About the Author

Curt Bianchi is the creator of the oldest and best-known websites about Weather Report and Joe Zawinul. A retired software engineer, he has written about a variety of subjects, including music, historic railroads, and computer technology. In 2003, he authored for Wax Poetics a lengthy article about Zawinul's pioneering use of electronic keyboards.
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