Sherlock Holmes: Poisonous People (Paperback)

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Lyn McConchie transports us to Victorian London, where Sherlock Holmes and John Watson must solve two cases involving Poisonous People. Maid and occasional cook Mary Fellowes has been accused of attempting to poison her employers and the evidence against her is damning-or is it? Is she the scheming and vengeful woman that others describe? Or is she innocent, caught in a web of deceit? Holmes and Watson must follow the evidence, exposing long-buried family secrets and hidden conflict, in order to discover the truth and prevent a deadly injustice. Who murdered successful businessman Gerald Barnes Wimbledon, and why? Stymied by the case, Scotland Yard calls in Holmes and Watson. Their investigations unearth a hidden diary-a journal whose pages provide motives for several business rivals, as well as for the woman he loved and who spurned him publicly. As Holmes and Watson dig deeper into Wimbledon's past, they must question everything they have learned about the man calling himself Gerald Barnes Wimbledon, including how he died.
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ISBN: 9781479421299
ISBN-10: 1479421294
Publisher: Wildside Press
Publication Date: April 5th, 2016
Pages: 218
Language: English