Sherlock Holmes: Beastly Mysteries (Paperback)

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Lyn McConchie again carries the reader back to the Victorian London of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, this time with two Beastly Mysteries. When Lord Temberton opens an Anglo-Saxon barrow and finds a securely locked Elizabethan chest seven mummified penguins placed around it in a circle, it is to Sherlock Holmes that he turns for answers. Is this sabotage? A practical joke? Or something more sinister? Holmes, together with Watson, must unravel the journeys of an Antarctic traveler, the family history of an old lady, and discover the mind and motive behind this bizarre interment. A fourteen-year-old boy is missing. Could he have run away or is there a more dire reason for his disappearance? The lad's grandfather begs Holmes for help, but he is engaged on an urgent case for a Lady of Royal Blood, so Holmes sends his faithful Watson in his stead. The supposedly peaceful countryside harbors a multitude of criminals, but there is no trace of the missing boy. Only Holmes can put together the clues that lead to a desperate search and a shocking revelation.
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ISBN: 9781479405534
ISBN-10: 1479405531
Publisher: Wildside Press
Publication Date: April 8th, 2015
Pages: 208
Language: English