The Fleur de Sel Murders: A Brittany Mystery (Brittany Mystery Series #3) (Hardcover)

The Fleur de Sel Murders: A Brittany Mystery (Brittany Mystery Series #3) Cover Image
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Commissaire Dupin is back in The Fleur de Sel Murders, this Brittany mystery from international bestselling author Jean-Luc Bannalec.

The old salt farmers have always said that the violet scent of the Fleur de Sel at harvest time on the salt marshes of the Guérande Peninsula has been known to cause hallucinations. Commissaire Dupin also starts to believe this when he’s attacked out of the blue in the salt works.

He had actually been looking forward to escaping his endless paperwork and taking a trip to the “white country” between the raging Atlantic Ocean and idyllic rivers. But when he starts snooping around mysterious barrels on behalf of Lilou Breval, a journalist friend, he finds himself unexpectedly under attack. The offender remains a mystery, and a short time later, Breval disappears without a trace. It is thanks to his secretary Nolwenn and the ambition of the prefect that Dupin is assigned to the case. But he won’t be working alone because Sylvaine Rose is the investigator responsible for the department—and she lives up to her name…

What’s going on in the salt works? Dupin and Rose search feverishly for clues and stumble upon false alibis, massive conflicts of interest, personal feuds—and ancient Breton legends.

About the Author

JEAN-LUC BANNALEC is a pseudonym. The author divides his time between Germany and coastal Brittany, France. Death in Brittany, the first case for Commissaire Dupin, was published in German in March 2012 and sold 600,000 copies, spending many months on the bestseller list. It has been sold into 14 countries.

Praise For…

"Enchanting."—The New York Times

"Bannelec's Breton adventures are some of the best French local color going, with a deft blend of puzzle, personality, and description of the indescribable."—Kirkus Reviews

"Intriguing...Well-drawn, complex characters, the lovingly described countryside, and the area’s culinary bounty make this a winner. Some fans will be inspired to take their next vacation in Brittany."—Publishers Weekly

"The Commissaire comes across as a likeable sleuth of the old school, stubborn about sticking to a clue, perpetually running on caffeine, preferring solo excursions over the collegial system. Dupin is the man on the authentically baffling case, and he’s an entirely welcome presence in his lone-wolf and highly caffeinated style."—Toronto Star

Product Details
ISBN: 9781250071903
ISBN-10: 1250071909
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Publication Date: April 24th, 2018
Pages: 320
Language: English
Series: Brittany Mystery Series