100 Things You Want To Know About China (Paperback)

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Knowledge is infinite. Life is a continuous process of learning. The series of Trivia Collections gather knowledge from different subjects. If you are eager for knowing more about the world, this Trivia Collections could best suit your interest. Including 100 Q & A with informative explanation, you can learn about the common knowledge as well as something you seldom think about. This trivia, with the subject matter as China, will help you gain a deeper insight into every aspects of Spain, including but not limited to its culture, history, geography, etc.China - A country that has a combination between antiquity and modernism, where some customs that prevailed from the most ancient times are still in force, and that in turn, is a country that has experienced a rapid economic growth, which places it among the first places in different rankings worldwide. What is this country? This country is China.China is a country known for many things, one of them is the culture that makes it easy to recognize its citizens anywhere in the world. China has one of the oldest civilizations, the last, the Qing Dynasty, lasted until the year 1911.It is not strange to find China as one of the countries with the largest number of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO, currently it has 53 since China is a country with a great diversity and has places that have national and international recognition. Places like: The China Wall, Summer Palace and Forbidden City are some of the most visited.Chinese cuisine stands out for its flavors, ingredients such as rice and soy cannot be lacking in many of its dishes, accompanied by a good cup of tea. Sport also has a great presence in that country, sports such as football, basketball and table tennis have been gaining a greater presence in recent years.China is a country that has had exponential economic growth. It is the country with the largest middle class in the world and enjoys positioning itself in the first places in the creation of materials such as aluminum and iron. This country has no intention of stopping, showing that its growth will be greater during the following years.Let's begin our journey to China.
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