Canyon War (Doc Beck Westerns Book 1) (Paperback)

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"We're looking for Doc Beck."

"I'm Doctor Rebekah LaRoche."

"But you're a woman."

Traveling the West as a female physician, 34-year-old Doctor Rebekah LaRoche is no stranger to difficulties. But on her way to New Mexico Territory, an unexpected stay in Amarillo, Texas, leads to confrontation with the Baxter clan - four brothers bred for conflict - and finds Rebekah in deep trouble.

Cattle rancher Clem Baxter's private war over grazing rights in the Palo Duro Canyon turns disastrous, and when the dust settles, one of the Baxter brothers is hurt bad. Clem sends for a doctor, not a woman, but that's what he gets when Rebekah, known as "Doc Beck," arrives at the ranch. Now held at Clem's ranch against her will, Rebekah must plot to flee through the night with her young friend into the dangers and beauty of the Palo Duro Canyon.

Rebekah has always relied on her wits to get her out of any situation. But does that include facing down men willing to die-and kill-for a wild piece of land just as dangerous as any bullet?


About the Doc Beck Westerns series:

Of Omaha Indian and French descent, 34-year-old Doctor Rebekah LaRoche goes by Doc Beck, which gets her foot in doors before her patients and patrons realize she's a woman. A sophisticated spitfire with remarkable people skills, a foot in the door is all Rebekah needs to do her job. Traveling the West in the 1890s to lend aid and cure the sick, Doc Beck finds herself solving problems and setting straight more than just broken bones. But the work doesn't fill the longing in her heart for a place to truly call home-and someone beyond herself to believe in.

Books in the series:

Canyon War (Book 1)

Mission Bandits (Book 2)

Grave Robbers (Book 3)

Desert Captive (Book 4)

Ranch Feud (Book 5)

Bronc Buster (Book 6)

The Gunman (Book 7)

Ape Man (Book 8)

The Return (Book 9) (Coming May 2023)

Lost Legacy ((Book 10) (Coming July 2023)

Prairie Shadows (Book 11) (Coming September 2023)

The Judgment (Book 12) (Coming November 2023)

Doc Beck Westerns Boxset (Books 1 - 4)

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