Seasons of the Zodiac: Love, Magick, and Manifestation Throughout the Astrological Year (Hardcover)

Seasons of the Zodiac: Love, Magick, and Manifestation Throughout the Astrological Year By Stephanie Campos Cover Image
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From energetic Aries to soothing Pisces, discover each zodiac sign’s “season” and learn how to tap into their unique magickal energies to enhance your life throughout the year.
Each sign of the zodiac has a season—a time of the year when the sun moves back into the portion of the sky “ruled” by a particular constellation: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and so on. Each of these twelve seasons brings different energies, influences, and experiences into the lives of human beings. Have you ever noticed that you feel particularly lively and social in August? That’s Leo season. Or a turn towards the dark side around Halloween? Scorpio season. As we move through the year, these seasonal vibes affect our lives in myriad unseen ways—now revealed for you here.
In Seasons of the Zodiac, lifelong astrologer Stephanie Campos offers a complete guide to each astrological season of the year, telling you what to expect, when to expect it, and how to make the most of each season’s special and distinct time in the spotlight. Bursting with useful information, each chapter includes sections on:
  • Your love life, according to the season
  • Seasonal self-care
  • How to manifest with each season
  • New moon and full moon magick
  • Season-specific magickal rituals
  • Affirmations to bring in the season’s power
  • And more!
The book also includes a handy reference section at the end to get you started bringing a little zodiac magick into your daily practice, from the astrological connections of popular herbs to the best tarot spreads to use based on the lunar cycle.
Comprehensive, accessible, and usable year and after, Seasons of the Zodiac is a practical primer on how to experience the full influence of the zodiac in your daily life—regardless of your particular sun sign. Beautifully illustrated and highly giftable, it’s the perfect book for budding astrologers, beginner witches, and anyone looking to connect more deeply with the cosmic cycles of the year.

About the Author

Stephanie Campos is an astrologer, witch, and healer who has studied the mystical arts, including astrology, palm reading, tarot, Reiki, curanderismo, EFT tapping, and more. She is also a writer and editor, whose work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Well + Good, Vogue, Bustle, Refinery29, among other publications. You can follow her on Instagram at @stephaniencampos.

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ISBN: 9780760384893
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Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Publication Date: November 14th, 2023
Pages: 160
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