Room to Think: Brain Games for Kids Bk 2 Age 7 - 9 (Paperback)

Room to Think: Brain Games for Kids Bk 2 Age 7 - 9 By Kaye Nutman Cover Image
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Second in the series

An entertaining book, chock full of addictive games using creativity, strategy and logic; all with the aim of stimulating your growing brain, whilst you have FUN.

  • 116 quality pages: 8" x 10" format: For Kids 7+
  • Colour illustrations. Pages are designed to be written on, or use a paper cutter to cut out and use pages like a board game.
  • Play solo, with a partner, or in a group. Family will be happy to join in
  • Work your way from beginning to end, in which case you will have achieved a mighty record 11 categories of games, and 294 individual games, puzzles or pieces of creativity within this book.
  • Or look at the Contents Page and dive into the set that takes your fancy If it's fun and you use your brain in a logical, creative or strategic fashion, then you are succeeding. Flit like a butterfly to the next activity
  • Or, adults may direct you to pages that they think are most appropriate for developing your skills; you'll still love them
  • There's ample room to write, and room to think.
  • Loads of variety. Tasks take from 30 seconds to around 30 minutes.
  • At the end of each set, you get to show your emotional response to the games; circle the yellow faces or draw your own.

So... feel great, as you boost your intelligence and improve concentration, memory, visual and physical motor skills with puzzles, games and other brain boosting activities. Interactive and FUN tasks are the perfect way to exercise your brain, improve thinking skills and feel smarter.

Explore the power of your brain

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ISBN: 9780648864738
ISBN-10: 0648864731
Publisher: Oggytheoggdesign
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2022
Pages: 118
Language: English