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First book of Western Parables Adventure, Mystery, and Romance Series Travel back in time in a fictional place known as Tradassa Town situated in the south during the year 1881 where two people unbeknownst of one another become acquainted under unexpected circumstances. After the death of Mary Ellen's father Benjamin, she meets Nathan Jonah Hickey who is the hired ranchman of her father's estate and an attractive singing cowboy known for his genteel mannerism. Nathan's love for Mary Ellen Beauford begins the day they meet upon her return to Beauford Place. Being an accomplished woman of color from a wealthy family and a recent college graduate, the austere Mary Ellen tries to show resilience to Nathan's feelings. This is partially due to the fact that her only example of a good man was her late father who was a successful businessman. Behind Nathan's smooth dark complexion and deep brown eyes lies a terrible secret known only by him. If he shares his secret with her, will she be able to handle it? Will it destroy him? Visit

About the Author

Gwandine is an anointed pastor, author, artist, and mentor to young women in Christ. She has also ministered and shared her testimony to homeless individuals. The strong anointing she possesses came as a result of her years of suffering, which she learned that Jesus is her faithful Rock. During her youthful years, she lived in an unstable home environment nearly starving. She sometimes found sustainment by consuming outdated food discarded in garbage dumpsters, which was unhealthy. She suffered numerous rapes throughout her years, mental, physical, emotional, verbal abuse, and rejection by men before and after she received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. She learned that Jesus never promised her that life would be easy. Nevertheless, He proved Himself faithful throughout it all. Gwandine learned that Jesus will heal your mind and broken heart. He makes all things new! She writes Christian non-fiction and Christian parables. She has written Christian parables of encounters in the Old West, Christian mysteries, inspirational poetry, graphic novels, and children's stories. Her book covers consists of her artwork including oil on canvas. Gwandine is gifted to glorify God! She refuses to create works that fail to glorify Him. In times past, she wrote a couple of secular books and felt uncomfortable. The Lord convicted her heart and she repented from her dead works. She writes under her following logos: Faith Parables, Mystery Parables, Western Parables, and Precious Parables. Precious Parables are her Christian children's stories. Throughout her years as a historical researcher and author, Gwandine found a niche for writing inspirational stories. Being of African and Cherokee descent, she depicts cowboys and cowgirls of the Old West in her western parables series. She has written inspirational cowboy poetry. Her former instructors complimented her creative writing skills. Her passion and persistence in creative writing and classical literature stems from childhood when she preferred to write stories as opposed to playing. She formerly exhibited her fine art figurative sculptures on tour. Her work has appeared in five international magazines and she has donated art to the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center. Faithful and Holy is He!
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ISBN: 9780615847283
ISBN-10: 0615847285
Publisher: Faithful and Holy Is He!
Publication Date: July 9th, 2013
Pages: 264
Language: English