Yoga and Yogic Powers: Principles of Releasing Mental Powers (Paperback)

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YOGA AND YOGIC POWERS is the first book of its kind ever written on Yoga that provides such penetrating insight into the thinking, life and powers of the Hindu Yogis. It also tells the readers unknown facts about themselves which they must know, if they wish to remedy the cause of their physical, mental and emotional problems. The book is so profusely illustrated with examples, experiences and guidance from the author's own life, that the reader will not only find it a deep facinating study of the mind and its powers, but also a warm inspiring story of one of the great Yogis of India, who taught in the United States from 1954 to 2009. Yogi Gupta was the president of the Kailashananda Mission, in Rishikesh, India, whose principal aim is to promote greater friendship between the two great democracies - The Republic of the United States of America and The Republic of India. The author reveals the innermost thoughts of millions of Hindus, their way of life, and their mystic experiences, and by broadening and deepening the reader's understanding of them he thus prepares a fertile ground for greater friendship between the two great nations. Avoiding the dry scholarly approach to his subject, Yogi Gupta explains and shows in an impressively simple yet scientific way, how an average person today may utilize the principles of developing and releasing powers of the mind for more successful and harmonious living. This science of Mental Culture (Yogic Powers), which was practiced and perfected and taught by the ancient Yogis in India 6,000 years ago, is vividly expounded in such chapters as: The Miracles of the Mind, Psychic Anesthesia, Saints with Psychic Powers, Mind's and Soul's Life in Space, Your Guardian Angel, Impulsive Urge For Wrong Doing, Fame and Fortune by Psychic Means, Protective Aura against Psychic Attack, Supersensory Perception, The Materialization of Masters at Will and Their Controlling the World's Destiny, plus a Two Month Course in Psychic Phenomena and a Two Year Course in Divine Perception - with full page photographs of the author. The author was the director of the Yogi Gupta New York Center, where he held regular lectures, classes and offered personal guidance to his disciples on he Path, to facilitate the comprehension and practice of these teachings in the West. This second edition has been completely re-typeset and re-indexed.

About the Author

YOGI Gupta was born at Kanpur, United Provinces, North India, into an aristocratic and well-to-do family. As a youth he studied law, was admitted to the Bar, and practiced before one of the high courts of India. His legal career was dedicated to the service of humanity, but for the fulfillment of his mission on earth he took to the path of renunciation. After intense penance and mastering nine types of Yoga, with the divine blessings of his Guru (spiritual teacher), he lived the life of a wandering monk, helping people to achieve radiant health and spiritual development. Yogi Gupta was the founder and president of the Kailashananda Mission, situated on Manikoot Hills, Rishikesh, Himalayas, India, surrounded by the Himalayan peaks and on the banks of the holy river Ganges. The Yoga Health Sanatorium at the Mission in India, had accommodations to admit fifty patients and unlimited accommodations for out-patients. Yogi Gupta was the director in charge of this sanatorium, which was operated by his disciples and followers. Yogi Gupta developed a great following in the United States of America and other Western countries. His headquarters was in New York City. He was the director of Yogi Gupta New York Center, New York City, where he personally taught the occult and esoteric wisdom of the East and provided personal guidance to the disciples on the Path, besides holding regular lectures and classes in Yoga Postures, Deep Breathings, Relaxation, Meditation and Raja Yoga. Yogi Gupta is the author of the renowned book, YOGA AND LONG LIFE, a profusely illustrated handbook that presents all the important principles of Hatha Yoga, the Science of Living, practiced and perfected in India throughout the centuries. It has thirty-five full page illustrations of the author, including Postures for Beginners, Main Postures of Yoga, and Postures for Advanced Students. You can order the second edition of his book, YOGA AND LONG LIFE, from: Yogi Gupta Society, Inc. ( - PUB- LISHERS
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