Rolling Hills and the Lost Key of Peachtree Palace (Hardcover)

Rolling Hills and the Lost Key of Peachtree Palace Cover Image
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Hattie Hills is far from a picture perfect princess. But then again, nothing about her rule so far has been picture perfect. Forced to take over her parents' kingdom at seven because of their disappearances, Hattie is stuck in a role that not everyone is happy she's had to take on. But at the age of sixteen, Hattie begins to wonder if maybe there's more to the mystery of how her parents disappeared. They left her with only a book, a book Hattie soon realizes is much more than an ordinary collection of legends. When things start appearing, and more people vanish, Hattie and her friends are faced with the terrifying fact that something is coming to destroy their kingdom unless they're brave enough to stop it. A young princess desperate for answers. A lonely guard determined to forget her past. A best friend with unwavering loyalty. A clever assistant with a keen eye for knowledge. Their adventures will leave lives at stake, new powers discovered, and almost nothing as it seems. Michaela Horan's debut novel will have you guessing at who you can really trust, and just how far is too far to discover the truth about a perfect kingdom.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780578925455
ISBN-10: 0578925451
Publisher: Michaela Horan
Publication Date: September 10th, 2021
Pages: 310
Language: English