Praying the Names of God for 52 Weeks, Expanded Edition: A Year-Long Bible Study (Paperback)

Praying the Names of God for 52 Weeks, Expanded Edition: A Year-Long Bible Study By Ann Spangler Cover Image
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Encounter a Deeper Experience of God's Goodness and Love--All Year Long

Names in the ancient world did more than simply distinguish one person from another. They often conveyed the essential nature and character of a person. This is especially true when it comes to the names and titles of God recorded in the Bible.

Based on Praying the Names of God and Praying the Names of Jesus, two bestselling books by Ann Spangler, this unique Bible study helps you explore the most important of God's names and titles as they are revealed in the Bible. It also teaches you how to pray with specific focus on each of the names of God.

Each week's study includes:

  • The name in English as well as in its original language, plus a brief explanation of its meaning.
  • A key passage, from The Names of God Bible, in which the name is revealed. This translation places the Hebrew name of God directly into the English text, which will allow you to recognize each name as you compare the passage to your preferred Bible translation.
  • Context to help you understand the name.
  • Questions for personal reflection.
  • Guidance to help you pray the name of God for that week.
  • Space to write your own prayers containing God's name.

This 52-week study on the names and titles of God will help you experience him in fresh and deeper ways, revealing many surprising connections between the Old and New Testaments. As you explore his names, you will come face-to-face with the God of Scripture--a God who is both the greatest of all Kings and the most loving of all Fathers. A God enthroned on high who bends low so that we can come to know him.

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