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On an evening in 1846 engaged couple Meg O'Connor and Rory Quinn join in an exuberant moondance. Observing is the parish priest, Father Brian O'Malley. The moondance brings bittersweet memories of Siobhan, the long-dead love of his youth, with whom he still feels a spiritual connection. Within days of the dance, the villagers of Kelegeen awake to find their potato crops destroyed by blight. They've been through famine before. But this is an Gorta M r, a monster the likes of which Ireland has never seen.At first Meg and Rory devise ways to help provide for their families, Meg through her sewing, Rory with his wood carving. But when tragedy and a costly mistake end those means of survival they turn to more dangerous ventures. Father O'Malley reluctantly teams up with an English doctor, Martin Parker, to alleviate Kelegeen's suffering.When Meg learns of ships carrying Irish passengers to a new life in America she is determined to go and bring Rory and their families after her. It will take all her strength and courage along with the help of her beloved priest and the English doctor to make the plan succeed.If you liked Anya's story in Kristin Hannah's Winter Garden you will love Kelegeen by Eileen O'Finlan.Reviewed By Trudi LoPreto for Readers' FavoriteThe potato famine is causing everyone in Kelegeen great hardships. Meg and Rory plan to be married but are forced to put it off in order to survive. The food is scarce, sickness and dying plague every household, and without the potato crop there is little or no money, leaving everyone to beg or steal for their next meal. Father O'Malley tries to be there for everyone, as does Dr. Parker, but there is little they can do. Each and every person must make sacrifices, watch their loved ones die, but they all pray and wait for better days. It is hardest on Meg because she is faced with a life altering plan that will surely change her life forever. Kelegeen by Eileen O'Finlan is sad, happy, loving, faithful and a really good book. I was transported back in time to the Potato Famine in Ireland and quickly became immersed in the story. Meg and Rory, their families, their priest and the neighbors jumped off the pages and became very real to me. There is much sadness in Kelegeen but also there is also much love, prayer and faithfulness. Eileen O'Finlan is a talented author who writes with vivid descriptions and creates very real and likable characters. I don't know if there is going to be a follow-up, but I am hoping that I can once again visit with Meg and Rory and see where the future took them. This is a perfect read for all and especially those who enjoy historical events being brought to life. Kelegeen is a definite winner.
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ISBN: 9780228600299
ISBN-10: 0228600294
Publisher: BWL Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: March 1st, 2018
Pages: 434
Language: English